We created this website in response to requests for information related to our past reviews into academic irregularities, current reforms, ongoing work and future plans. This site shares the hard work of many faculty, staff and students who care deeply about these issues. Here’s what you will find:

  • Access to up-to-date information and news
  • Comprehensive reports and past reviews
  • Ongoing work and new initiatives
  • Reforms already in place
  • Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to accountability, transparency and action. Through this site, we will provide updates on our ongoing progress and the findings of the current independent inquiry. As new facts become available, whether viewed as positive or negative, we will post them. In the coming months as we delve further into our own and national reform, we also will post our proposals.


We have already instituted many reforms across the University, and we are continuing to look for ways to improve. Click here to find summaries of reforms, and new initiatives will be added as they are instituted.

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Update from Provost James W. Dean, Jr., about the Student-Athlete Academic Initiative Working Group

As you may know, over the past 10 months, a team of campus leaders from academics and athletics at Carolina has been meeting as the Student-Athlete Academic Initiative Working Group. Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham and I are co-leading this 10-person group, which is developing...

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