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Academic Excellence & Accountability

Changes in reporting relationships, policies and processes to improve accountability and standards for teaching workloads, faculty expectations, and department chair reviews.

Spring 2016

University establishes Student-Athlete Academic Process Review Group to regularly review each of the 21 processes described by the Student-Athlete Academic Initiative Working Group. Comprised of a broad base of University leadership, faculty and students, the Process Review Group will ensure oversight and effective monitoring of these processes.

Fall 2015

University launches Academic Processes for Student-Athletes website (, which provides details of the Student-Athlete Academic Initiative Working Group’s review and analysis of 21 comprehensive processes related to student-athletes and academics at UNC.

Fall 2013

University launches Student-Athlete Academic Initiative Working Group to review all aspects of a student-athlete’s experience – from recruitment through graduation. The goal is to ensure that every procedure and policy helps student-athletes achieve their fullest potential – both academically and personally. (Refer to

Fall 2013

Provost and Registrar redefine and summarize policies for grading and mandatory final exams, including changes to permanent letter grades, temporary grades and incomplete grades.

Administrative boards of the General College and College of Arts and Sciences approve department name change to African, African American and Diaspora Studies (AAAD) from African and Afro-American Studies (AFAM).

Department of African, African American and Diaspora Studies (AAAD) adds new requirements for major and minor programs, such as the number of courses needed to fulfill the major and minor. The approval process for enrolling in independent studies courses also is tightened.

Provost requires visits to classrooms each semester to confirm classes are being held as scheduled.

Members of the Faculty Council’s Faculty Athletics Committee now participate in the review and monitoring of student-athlete enrollment patterns. These efforts include meetings with the Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Faculty Athletics Representative and the Registrar. Courses with 20 percent student-athlete enrollment (25 percent in Summer School) trigger a course review.

Fall 2012

College of Arts and Sciences requires a senior associate dean to conduct an annual review of academic unit chairs based on a curriculum vitae, annual reports, teaching assignments and evaluations.

College of Arts and Sciences requires a senior associate dean to conduct a review of any academic unit chair’s reappointment every five years. Review is based on materials including teaching assignments and administrative accomplishments, as well as face-to-face meetings with the chair and consultation with unit faculty.

The Chancellor removes a previous dotted-line reporting relationship between ASPSA and the Department of Athletics.

University creates an Academic Review website to keep the campus community, constituents and the public informed about efforts to investigate and address academic irregularities first discovered in 2011 (replaced by in spring 2014).

Spring 2012

AFAM Department (AAAD) reorganizes and adopts new administrative and governance structure that incorporates the philosophy of shared governance. It also revises the roles and responsibilities of the chair and other department-level administrators, as well as committees such as Academic Affairs, Intellectual Dialogues and Institutional Linkages, Planning and Faculty, Chair’s Liaison and Executive Committee.