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Advising and Support

Academic Support Program for Student Athletes restructured to better identify and meet student-athlete needs.

Fall 2014

The Student-Athlete Academic Initiative Working Group begins clarifying and documenting guidelines for recruiting, admissions, registration, enrollment, advising, counseling and all other processes that impact student-athletes’ lives.

Fall 2013

University requires all student-athletes to meet with an academic advisor from the College of Arts and Sciences and/or the professional schools at least once per semester to review their program of study, choose courses, plan for their academic major(s) and monitor progress toward graduation.

As part of the My Academic Plan (MAP) program – which creates and focuses on individually designed weekly plans based on student-athletes’ academic preparedness and specific needs – ASPSA offers guided study sessions for student-athletes led by academic counselors, assistant academic counselors and tutors. (Refer to

Summer 2013

ASPSA begins reporting to the Provost, UNC’s chief academic officer, instead of the College of Arts and Sciences, in conjunction with the appointment of the new Director of the Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes. The new director has appropriate credentials and background related to higher education and advising.

ASPSA and the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Advising Program begin cross training on policies, procedures and best practices.

Spring 2013

Two assistant deans are assigned to coordinate advising for student-athletes as part of the Academic Advising Program (AAP) in the College of Arts and Sciences. One is funded by the Department of Athletics and one is funded by the College’s Academic Advising Program.

Fall 2012

ASPSA and Academic Advising (which guides undergraduates in the College of Arts and Sciences and General College) clarify and coordinate their distinctive and complementary roles and responsibilities.

Summer 2012

Department of Athletics designates a senior associate athletics director as a liaison with the ASPSA and the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to provide contextual information related to compliance with the clear understanding that academic functions are independent of athletics.

ASPSA hires a full-time tutor coordinator to recruit, hire, train, supervise and evaluate tutors. The tutor coordinator gathers written confirmation of compliance with NCAA regulations and surveys student-athletes on their experience to help improve academic support.

ASPSA eliminates its student mentoring program.

Spring 2012

ASPSA revives its faculty advisory committee to review policies, programs and services.

Fall 2011

ASPSA stops using undergraduate students as tutors except when specific content knowledge is required.