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Athletics Integrity

Establish standards for institutional compliance, risk identification and management, and ‘up and out’ reporting.

Fall 2017

Department of Athletics reviews and updates all departmental policies.

Department of Athletics expands compliance unit by beginning the hiring process for a new Director of Compliance position.

Summer 2017

Department of Athletics updates the Substance Abuse, Education, Testing, and Counseling Program for Intercollegiate Athletics.

Fall 2016

In conjunction with the Department of Sports Medicine and ASPSA, Department of Athletics implements the Policies and Procedures Regarding the Protection of Student-Athletes’ Confidential Information.

Summer 2016

Department of Athletics implements Strength and Conditioning Policy to govern safe and compliant athletic development for student-athletes.

Spring 2016

Department of Athletics refines athletic camp protocols to improve monitoring requirements for safety and risk management.

Department of Athletics implements enhanced policies and procedures regarding business and financial matters, including purchasing, receiving, transportation, budgeting and reimbursements.

Summer 2015

Department of Athletics implements a new Equipment Policy that more effectively governs issuance and retrieval of athletic equipment.


Department of Athletics overhauls its summer camp manual including protocol and enhances controls over any programs bringing minors into athletic facilities.

Summer 2014

Department of Athletics enhances student-athlete employment policies and procedures to increase monitoring and verification of actual employment in collaboration with the Office of Scholarships and Student Aid. Increases documentation required from employers and educational efforts with them. These efforts place special emphasis on non-University campus and clinics.

Spring 2014

Department of Athletics revises process for employees to report outside athletics-related income to take a more comprehensive approach to the requirement.

Department of Athletics provides NCAA annual compliance report as required by the infractions case of March, 2012. Report was accepted and approved with no additional recommendations by the NCAA.

Department of Athletics hires an accounting firm to conduct an assessment of ticket operations including the sale, distribution and security of tickets, parking and credentials.

Fall 2013

Department of Athletics revises policy to require all student-athletes, regardless of scholarship status, to complete a motor vehicle registration form.

Department of Athletics revises social media policy. Each team must designate a social media monitor on a semester-by-semester basis. The monitors regularly review student-athlete social media for postings that potentially violate team or NCAA rules.

Department of Athletics requires coaches to participate in bimonthly rules education meetings.

Department of Athletics formalizes policies and procedures for complimentary game admissions, parking passes and credentials to increase accountability and improve inventory documentation.

Department of Athletics implements a new Vehicle Use Policy and training program.

Spring 2013

Department of Athletics implements “Up and Out” incident reporting guidelines to ensure compliance with federal and state reporting requirements.

As part of a campus-wide mandate, Department of Athletics implements mandatory background checks for all staff for overnight programs with minors in athletics facilities.

Department of Athletics provides NCAA annual compliance report as required by the infractions case of March, 2012. Report was accepted and approved with no additional recommendations by the NCAA.

Fall 2012

Department of Athletics implements a stronger and more comprehensive agent and advising program.

Facility use policies are created and implemented for all athletic facilities in Department of Athletics.

Spring 2012

Department of Athletics hires consulting firm to conduct an assessment of compliance systems and culture.