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Course Integrity

Processes, systems and reporting to ensure compliance and auditing of course delivery, numbering, assessment standards, grade changes and clustering.


Fall 2015

Two Faculty Athletics Committee designees participate in the process of examining student-athlete class enrollments.

Spring 2013

Registrar launches a new student records dashboard reporting system to monitor compliance with teaching credit hour policies.

Spring 2013

University activates stricter online procedures to monitor temporary grades with an electronic grade change process. The changes improve efficiency and provide an audit trail, enforce all existing grade change policies and verify that changes to grades are only made by the class instructor. Only the faculty member of record for a class may submit grade changes.

The Priority Registration Advisory Committee – which reviews student groups recommended for priority registration – stipulates that one of two faculty representatives will be a current elected member of the Faculty Council’s Educational Policy Committee. The Educational Policy Committee can recommend that courses be removed from the priority registration process if it is determined that too many priority registrants are enrolling. The Faculty Council reviews the priority registration policy every three years.

As part of the degree audit process, University limits and monitors independent study course credits that count toward graduation.

Spring 2012

Summer School enacts new policies, practices and strategies to monitor summer teaching assignments. Changes include limiting independent study sections to two students, capping the number of independent study courses a faculty member can direct during a summer session at one time, and requiring separate sections to be created for each faculty member supervising independent studies, internships, mentored research, directed readings, or similar courses.

University works with ITS to build additional and custom audit tables for ConnectCarolina that further enhanced our ability to monitor and audit transactions related to student records, particularly those involving grade entries and grade changes.

University strengthens security measures to limit when schedulers can update class information.

Fall 2012

College of Arts and Sciences adopts new independent study policies and procedures, effective spring 2013. Changes include faculty supervision limited to two students per term, required learning contracts, and monitoring course syllabi, faculty absences and grading procedures.

Faculty Council adopts guidelines for course syllabi content and collection, effective spring 2013. Syllabi must be retained for four years.

All classes with student-athlete enrollments greater than 20 percent of total class enrollment (25 percent for Summer School) are flagged by the Registrar, Faculty Athletics Representative, Senior Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education or Faculty Athletics Committee designee, with follow-up by designated academic officer.

University notifies faculty about new course syllabi guidelines and launches related audit process.

University changes standard course numbering system to more accurately reflect course type, improving the ability to distinguish independent study courses from lecture courses.

Fall 2011

University requires a dean to sign all change of grade forms.

Spring 2011

College of Arts and Sciences puts a new process in place to monitor faculty course workloads and teaching assignments.

Fall 2010

ConnectCarolina implements online class and grade roster management system as part of a new student records system, making it easier to track possible irregularities.

Summer 2009

University launches parts of ConnectCarolina, a multi-phased campus-wide initiative to replace aging software systems that manage student information, human resources, payroll and finance. One component, Campus Solutions, creates a centralized student record and tracking database that corrects inconsistent student records and grade forms procedures across the campus.