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Institutional Leadership

Based on Mr. Wainstein’s findings, the University will take the following actions and launch a number of new initiatives, including:

Launch a new public records website ( to enhance accountability, responsiveness and efficiency around records requests.

Add faculty to a group that reviews student-athlete eligibility and progress toward degree.

Establish a working group to ensure there are clear, consolidated and confidential channels through which people can raise their hand and share concerns. The working group will also recommend how best to oversee the University’s commitment to integrity and compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and policies.

Continue to align and advance existing advising and support programs for student-athletes, further integrating the delivery of academic and career advising to include intensive and early attention to major exploration and post-college opportunities.

Conduct an institution-wide policy and procedure audit that will allow the University to identify any remaining redundancies and gaps, and create a mechanism for periodic re-evaluation.

Develop and implement an expanded process for the systematic, consistent evaluation and review of every unit and department. The Provost or appropriate director will be authorized to launch a special department review as needed.

Immediately implement a plan to stabilize the Department of African, African American and Diaspora Studies. Similarly, Director of Athletics Bubba Cunningham has been executing a plan to bolster integrity and accountability throughout the Athletics organization.

Take fact-based personnel actions, including terminating or commencing disciplinary action against nine University employees. Others implicated in the report include former University employees. (See for results.)