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As part of an annual report about undergraduate admissions to the Faculty Council on April 25, 2014, Stephen Farmer, Vice Provost for Enrollment and Undergraduate Admissions, provided a new report that focuses on the admission of first-year student-athletes.

The new report, which covers the 2013 first-year class of student-athletes, was developed at the request of the Faculty Council’s Advisory Committee on Undergraduate Admissions, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, and the Department of Athletics. The aim is to foster transparency; protect the privacy of individual students; provide context for campus and national conversations about the academic preparation and success of student-athletes; enable assessment of admissions and other academic processes; disaggregate information meaningfully and fairly; encourage ongoing improvement; and provide leadership.

The key sections included in this report:

  • Introduction by the working group that developed the report, including a description of how prospective student-athletes are evaluated for admission;
  • Facts about enrolling first-year student-athletes in the class entering in 2013;
  • A ‘question & answer’ section regarding the data and the admissions process for student-athletes;
  • Definitions of key terms used in the report.


Click here for full report

Click here for the 2013 Athletics Admissons report

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