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The Policies and Procedures Working Group, which was formed last year to help the University identify any policy redundancies, gaps and inconsistencies; make recommendations for policy and procedure improvements; and create a mechanism for periodic reevaluation; has submitted its final report to Chancellor Carol L. Folt.

The report can be found here, and Chancellor Folt’s letter to the working group can be found here.

“A critical part of your effort was to gain a deeper understanding of the policies across the University, and your work was truly enlightening,’’ Folt wrote in her letter to the working group. “While you did not find any gaps in our portfolio of policies or compliance, you did find that Carolina is a complex organization with a network of over 1,600 inter‐related policies that could be improved. Your suggestions and recommendations for ways to make it easier to manage and use these policies is the exact start we need to move this effort forward.”

Posted March 10, 2016.

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