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The following University statement was released Monday, Oct. 20 about the upcoming release of the Wainstein findings:

“Since February 2014, former federal prosecutor Kenneth Wainstein and his team have rigorously sought to address questions left unanswered during previous University-commissioned reviews of academic irregularities at UNC-Chapel Hill. Mr. Wainstein interviewed hundreds of individuals, including current and former faculty members, athletics department staff, academic advisors, academic counselors in the Academic Support Program for Student Athletes, administrators and students, including student-athletes. He has collected and searched millions of emails and analyzed student records, including transcripts, of thousands of students going back to the 1980s.

“On Wednesday Mr. Wainstein will publicly release the findings of his inquiry. Carolina believes this investigation provides the only way to truly understand and address what went wrong. We have a responsibility to our students, faculty, staff, alumni and University community at large to ensure we have a complete assessment of what transpired. Since first learning about these irregularities, Carolina has not stood still. We have taken actions and implemented initiatives to ensure proper oversight and support is provided across the University. The findings in Mr. Wainstein’s report will be used to further strengthen processes and policies to ensure nothing like this can happen again at Carolina.”

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